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Do you need to do a few improvements before selling your home? With increasing housing prices, now is the time to invest in your home, and capitalize on its value. Through our Enhancement Loan program get up to $50,000 to use on home improvement work so you can sell it for more! These funds can go towards landscaping, staging, painting, updating, whatever will increase the value of the home the most. Fix up your home and sell it for more money, and as part of the qualification process, you will also be qualified for a loan on the purchase of your next home.


Loan Details

  • 0.0 Interest rate, NO points, with 6-month term

  • 6-month extensions available, upon RPM's review, rate goes to 10% and 1 pt.

  • $15k-$50k loan amounts - 2nd position only

  • 680 FICO

  • 70% "Combines" Loan Value (CLTV) via AVM

  • Allowed when the clients DOES NOT need new financing

  • No monthly payments

  • No restrictions of any kind on the work that is done to the home - entirely at the discretion of the client & Realtor

  • Must sign listing agreement with certified Realtor prior to closing

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