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Mortgage rates are set to fall again in 2023!

The article above says that doesn’t mean you should wait to buy. Want to know what I think? I agree. There are those “buyers” who are never going to buy, and if you are one of them, just scroll past this blog post, it isn’t for you. If you are buying a home to live in it for at least the next 5 years then you shouldn’t wait to buy a home, and right now, the market is slow, things are less competitive, so this is your chance to get in before the market heats up. It isn’t going to get any cooler than it is right now and the best time to buy a home or an investment property is always sooner than later.

I personally own several homes- and I got here by being a decision maker. Whether you want own one home, a primary home and an investment home, waiting for things to get better only means settling to be a renter for life because;

"There is no better time to buy than right now, and if you don’t buy today then tomorrow is your time."

Check out this fun amortization calculator

Months 36 through 60 amortization schedule:

As you pay down your mortgage, even in a flat market, after 10 years, you have 100k in equity. As long as you plan to stay in the same place for more than 5 years, it is worth it to buy, regardless of what the market is doing. The lure of rent control is incredible, but you are still paying down someone else’s mortgage, and a mortgage is the ultimate rent control and hedge against inflation.

Curious about buying or investing? Call me. I’d love to help.

Jennifer Joey McCallon

BRE# 01359403, Broker- Associate, Realtor, Keller Williams

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